Patrick Arnold’s Proviant Technologies being auctioned off

building Patrick Arnold’s Proviant Technologies being auctioned off
by Anthony Roberts

The nutritional company Proviant Technologies, which was formerly owned in part by BALCO chemist Patrick Arnold, has shut their doors for good and is auctioning off their manufacturing equipment. ErgoPharm, Patrick Arnold’s other company was sold last year, just prior to the facilities of both companies being raided by the DEA. Harry Davis & Company has listed the property and all of the Proviant equipment and assets located at 309 W. Hensley Rd., Champaign, IL 61822, to be going up for auction on Wednesday July, 22nd, 2009.

Patrick has recently lost multiple manufacturing contracts within the nutritional industry, as a direct result of the DEA raid. It is unclear at this point if Mr. Arnold plans to stay in the nutritional industry, or what the exact cause of the Proviant Technologies auction is. I’m sorry to report that one of my usual sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, has confirmed multiple outstanding debts that Patrick owes to various companies within the nutritional industry.
At this point, it looks like the man who brought prohormones to the nutritional industry, and helped countless athletes beat doping tests with his THG, has joined the millions of currently unemployed Americans. With a hefty legal battle ahead of him, to be fought against the United States Government, it’s not looking good for Patrick to remain out of prison, especially with no clear source of income, other than his monthly column in Muscular Development, to pay lawyers.