Kai Greene Australian Pro Champion

kai-greene1Kai Greene Australian Pro Champion
By Joe Pietaro

Not resting on his laurels after winning the Arnold Classic less than two weeks ago, Kai Greene flew to the other side of the globe to stand in the winner’s circle once again, this time at the Australian Pro Grand Prix.

Other contestants who made the trek with Kai from Ohio to the ‘Land Down Under’ were Silvio Samuel and Toney Freeman, who finished in second and third place, respectively.

According to early reports out of Melbourne, the crowd in was fully behind Kai, especially when he performed his unique posing routine that he made an instant classic at the Arnold. He was called an “easy winner.”

A special part of the annual show in Australia is when the contestants walk into the crowd following the posedown, giving them a close-up view of the men they just cheered on. No doubt that Greene had more flashes going off in his face than anyone else present.

On a side note, Michael Kafalianos finished in fourth place in his professional debut and has qualified for the Mr. Olympia.

Article Source: Musclesportmag.com