IFBB Eliminating Posing Routine Scoring

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IFBB Eliminating Posing Routine Scoring
by Joe Pietaro

What almost seems like a formality at this point, the IFBB has officially removed the scoring in regards to the posing round in both men and women’s bodybuilding. What was once a major part of a competitor’s presentation, posing is even less than the afterthought that it had become since mass took over for symmetry.

“In Bodybuilding, the posing routine will no longer be scored. This will value the Prejudging and Finals Posedown at 50% each,” was listed as one of the rule changes included as part of the IFBB Advisory Notice 101409 prepared by Chairman Jim Manion. (http://www.ifbbpro.com/news/advisory-notice-101409/)

This may be viewed as a step backwards for a sport that has been finding the terrain difficult growing from its hardcore fan base. Back in its heyday, bodybuilding could promote many superstars who were classic posers. Men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ed Corney, Frank Zane and Chris Dickerson made it an art form. But that has not been the case since the end of the 1980s.

With the new rule, competitors will no incentive to even prepare a posing routine and that will do the fans a disservice. As it was, there were only few who even appeared as if they worked out a presentation. One of the reasons why Kai Greene made such a splash on the scene was because of his unique and incredible posing routine. Hopefully the 2009 Arnold Classic champion will not just go through the motions knowing that his score cannot be improved even though he is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack as a poser.