Europa Super Show – Dennis James Wins

dennis-james Europa Super Show – Dennis James Wins
by Joe Pietaro

Dennis James is on a roll. After winning the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly a week ago, DJ stood in the winner’s circle once again at the Europa Super Show. In a contest where many felt that the placings were controversial to say the least, veteran Bill Wilmore finished as the runner-up with Jeol Stubbs in third place.

Fouad Abiad, who placed second in Tampa, dropped to fourth. Other disappointments were Edward Nunn (seventh), Leo Ingram (ninth) and Johnnie Jackson (13th).

It is rare that everyone agrees with the judges in a bodybuilding contest and the two-day event at the Dallas Convention Center was certainly no exception. Following the prejudging, it appeared that James and Stubbs would be battling it out for the crown. James appeared sharper than when he won in Tampa and Stubbs, hoping for a career-best finish, had to feel confident going into the finals.

Wilmore snuck into the top three by the evening and qualified for his second Mr. Olympia. Stubbs, if he chooses to compete, will be making his first trip to Vegas. Abiad previously qualified with his Tampa finish.

After going eight years without a professional win, James won the 2001 Hungarian Grand Prix. Now he has two stateside this summer alone. He finished eighth in the 2009 Olympia and another top 10 finish in bodybuilding’s deepest and most prestigious show of the year would be quite an accomplishment for the 40-year-old. Although he may look better than he did a year ago, DJ will also be facing some quality names that missed out the last time around due to injury.

Kai Greene, Branch Warren and Victor Martinez will join an already stacked line-up that includes defending champion Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath and Dennis Wolf. For James to defeat any of those favorites, it will be very difficult. He may have peaked now and to go through another contest preparation in five weeks may be too much to ask for, especially someone entering their fourth decade.


1 – Dennis James
2 – Bill Wilmore
3 – Joel Stubbs
4 – Fouad Abiad
5 – Robert Piotrkowitz
6 – Ben White
7 – Edward Nunn
8 – Tarek Elsetouhl
9- Leo Ingram
10 – Alfonso Del Rio
11 – Grigori Abyan
12 – Marcus Haley
13 – Johnnie Jackson
14 – DeShaun Grimez
15 – Lionel Brown

1. Adela Garcia
2. Myriam Capes
3. Nicole Duncan
4. Bethany Wagner
5. Laticia Jackson
6. Kristina Rojas
7. Michele Mayberry
8. Stephanie Irick
9. Nita Marquez
10. Siene Silva
11. Amanda Marinelli
12. LeslieRae Newton
13. Jo Marriner
14. Maggie Blanchard
Did Not Finish – Mandy Polk

1. Jenny Lynn
2. Krissy Chin
3. Meriza DeGuzman
4. Alicia Harris
5. Siobhan Tewari
6. Amy O’Neil
7. Katina Maistrelles
8. Michelle Craven
9. Tivisay Briceno
10. Consuelo Rojas Figueroa
11. DJ Wallis
12. Alicia Marie
13. Sue Upson
14. Rosalind Vanderpool
15. Tonya Burkhardt
16. Cynthia Sharp
17. Jacqui Jarrett