Consumers Value Supplements Despite Tough Economy

Consumers Value Supplements Despite Tough Economy

Despite challenging economic times, 65% of adult consumers (up slightly from 64% in 2008) take dietary supplements, according to a new consumer survey conducted by Ipsos-Public Affairs for the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), Washington, D.C.

When asked if the economy had impacted their household’s dietary supplement purchasing habits, nearly three-quarters (74%) of those surveyed responded that it had not.

“We’re pleased that consumers continue to place emphasis on their health, even in uncertain economic times, and that dietary supplements continue to play a role in their overall wellness regimen,” said Judy Blatman, senior vice president, communications, CRN. “According to our survey, consumers, including supplement users, report to be taking necessary steps towards good health, such as trying to eat a balanced diet and getting regular exercise. We’re encouraged that dietary supplements continue to be a part of that equation for many.”

According to results from the 2009 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements, the economy prompted 27% of dietary supplement consumers to alter their supplement purchasing habits.Among that group, purchasing habits changed in the following ways:
59% (of the 27%) reported they are purchasing fewer supplements as a means to save money;

31% (of the 27%) indicated they are now purchasing less expensive brands;

26% (of the 27%) said they have been purchasing store brand supplements;

23% (of the 27%) indicated they rely on coupons and other value-added promotions;

22% (of the 27%) responded they only buy supplements when they are on sale;

5% (of the 27%) responded they are purchasing more supplements to maintain health;

4% (of the 27%) responded they have stopped purchasing supplements because of the economy. Supplement consumers indicated that the three factors most important to them when purchasing supplements are: the price, the supplements facts box (i.e. dosage, daily value, etc.) and the label claims (e.g., maintain heart health, maintain joint health, etc).

The 2009 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements was conducted August 26 through September 1, 2009 by Ipsos Public Affairs and funded by CRN. The survey was conducted online and included a national sample of 2043 adults aged 18 and older from Ipsos’ U.S. online panel. The survey has been conducted annually since 2000.