Comeback Trail to Ohio Bumped by Toney?

toney-freemanComeback Trail to Ohio Bumped by Toney?

by Joe Pietaro | MuscleSportMag

We are only a few short weeks out of the 2009 Arnold Classic and all the talk has been of the Big Three who missed the last Mr. Olympia due to injuries. Victor Martinez, who won the show in Ohio two years ago, is reported to be not only fully recovered from his knee injury, but his leg development appears as if he never had to miss any time.

The huge Branch Warren is coming back from an injured triceps and has his sights set on winning the show that he has taken the Most Muscular award in. In his two previous Arnold Classic appearances, Warren has finished in second and fourth the last two years.

If posing held as much weight as it did 30 years ago, Kai Green would take the top spot without much competition. His crazy routines have become famous and if he is in top condition after hernia surgery, the rest of the pack better watch out.

Although these three men have been spoken about as favorites to win the contest, coming back after a long layoff will not be easy. Toney Freeman will look to prove that and if he has imporoved even slightly from his fifth place finish at the last Mr. Olympia, he must be taken seriously. The X-Man may be 43, but his size and condition have never been questioned. If he can come in proportioned, his chances will become much better. It will be a shock if Freeman does not crack the Top 3 and may even take the title.

A few wild cards heading into Ohio are Silvio Samuel, Gustavo Badell and Dennis James. ‘El Matador’ won the Iron Man Pro just three short weeks ago and cannot be taken lightly. Badell finished in the Top 10 at the O, but needs to tighten up his bloated and wide look.

James is reported to be in fantastic shape and is always a threat to break the Top 6.