Big Sean Allen Ready for the USAs

allenmd Big Sean Allen Ready for the USAs
By Joe Pietaro

You could tell a few months back that Sean Allen was going to be a force come the USAs. At the Muscular Development Block Party at Bob Bonham’s Strong and Shapely Gym in New Jersey, the 6?4? behemoth was looking as if he could have donned the posing trunks right then and there and earn his pro card.

On May 30, Allen weighed 295 pounds and was looking huge without that puffiness that some bodybuilders are still sporting eight weeks out from a show. The Garden State native felt that he was giving back at the event. “I just wanted to come out here and show that I’m one of New Jersey’s finest and mingle with the fans and show some support,” he said. He was unquestionably the largest person there and deservedly received a lot of attention. He was cordial and friendly and had a lot of fun with the youngsters that were in attendance, something that can go a long way in ensuring that the next generation of bodybuilding fans will be represented.

This weekend, Allen will be looking to earn his pro card and faces a line-up of over 500 competitors in Las Vegas. He seemed to be on his way in 2008 when he took the overall at both the NPC Atlantic States and Junior Nationals but apparently hit a wall after that. Allen finished ninth in his two next shows, the USAs and Nationals, and missed out on two chances of walking out with his pro card.

Afterwards Allen did admit that he may have been “burnt out” and was going through some personal issues that affected his preparation and performance. He then went on a new nutritional program and won the PDI Night of the Champions at a ripped 286 pounds.

Allen listened to some of the recommendations of the judges to fill out his frame and went away from the keto diet. He felt that he was depleted at the two main shows in ‘08 and is more comfortable filling out, saying on one of his recent MDTV videos, “A big man like me has to start eating like a big man.”

The video was filmed nine days out of the USAs and Allen looked incredible. As he said, “I’ve never felt this good. I’m 290 pounds dry and we didn’t cut the sodium yet or the water.” Allen has been competing for 10 years and has the experience to take it to the next level. He will walk on that stage in Nevada competing in the Super Heavyweight division and more than likely will be the largest man there. He will stand out and receive a great ovation and hopefully the judges will agree with the fans.


Thursday, July 23rd:
6:30pm @ the Weigh-Ins – Men’s Bodybuilding

8:00pm @ the Weigh-Ins – Women’s Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini

Friday, July 24th:
9:00am @ the Final Weigh-Ins/Check-Ins

4:30pm @ the Prejudging Men’s Bodybuilding & Bikini
MD PLAY BY PLAY with Shawn, Flex, Team MD Members & We Welcome Our On-Line Community!!!

Saturday, July 25th:
9:00am @ the Women’s Bodybuilding Prejudging & Figure

MD Play by Play with Shawn, Flex & A Female Mystery Guest… We Also Welcome Our On-Line Community!!!

MD Play by Play with Shawn, Flex, Team MD Members & We Welcome Our On-Line Community!!!

Sunday, July 26th:
10:00am – 3:00pm @ Gold’s Gym reserved for “In The Trenches” Video Footage!