Arnold Prejudging Will Be the Key

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Arnold Prejudging Will Be the Key

By Joe Pietaro
for MuscleSport Mag

When the competitors take to the stage on Saturday afternoon for two hours of prejudging, the placings in the Arnold Classic more than likely will be decided before the Finals that evening. The solo and comparison poses make up the bulk of the scoring and because it is being held the same day as the Finals, timing is everything.

Unlike the Mr. Olympia (as seen in the photo), where the prejudging takes place the day before the Finals, the line-up at the Arnold can either take advantage of that or have it go against them, depending on how they come in. They will not have to be concerned with keeping that tightness if they have it, but also do not have the time in between presentations to make up for any weaknesses or bloating.

Because the posing routines have not been as original and, for lack of a better word, important as in the past, that is the main reason why the prejudging has taken on even more importance. One competitor who can and will make up points during his posing routine is Kai Greene, who has brought an unorthodox but very entertaining style to the stage.

Article Source: Musclesportmag.com