2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Results

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2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Results

Congratulations to Stan McQuay for winning the 2009 IFBB Jacksonville Men’s 202lbs and under, and his first pro contest, coming into the show as an underdog and surprising everyone.

Mens Bodybuilding:

1- Stan McQuay
2- Daryl Gee
3- Tricky Jackson
4- Charles Dixon
5- Steve Namat
6- Peter Putman
7- Mike Valentino
8- Jeffrey Long
9- Jocelyn Jean
9- Patrick Richardson
11- Anthony Finocchiaro
12- Nathaniel Wonsley
13- Roland Huff

Also, Congratulations to Jessica Putman for winning the 2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Figure competition.


1- Jessica Putman
2- Erin Stern
3- Jenny Lynn
4- Krissy Chin
5- Siobhan Tewari
6- Tinamarie Bloomfield
7- Alicia Harris
8- Marcy Porter
9- Tivisay Briceno
10- Petra Mertl
11- Sue Upson
12- DJ Wallis
13- Amanda Marinelli
14- Melody Clere
15- Alana Hernandez
15- Karen Mullarkey
17- Amy Stephens
18- Tesse Wood-Thomes
19- Jacqui Jarrett
19- Starling Steele
19- Sandra Simons
19- Sabrina Taylor-Gibson
19- Michelle Theison

For the scorecards, please click below:

2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Men’s Scorecard Results

2009 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Figure Scorecard Results