Phil Heath Skipping Arnold Classic Sharp Move

Training a Full Year the ‘09 Mr. O Will Benefit ‘The Gift’
Joe Pietaro | MuscleSportMag

Finishing third in his first Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath has decided to concentrate on moving up the ladder with Sandow on his mind. The bodybuilder known as “The Gift” has decided to skip the Arnold Classic in March and utilize that time preparing for next September in Las Vegas.

While some feel that is a mistake, Heath’s high finish in 2008 gives him a ‘pass’ in having to win any other contests prior to the Olympia. He has proven his worth and if he happens to come into the Arnold not at his best, he can lose some credibility, the type that he just has been rewarded with.

After the Olympia, I definitely feel I could not only place high at the Arnold, I could win it,” Heath said. “But my goal is to be Mr. Olympia. I just feel that to continue to improve and satisfy everyone – including myself – I would need another 10 months. I think I can be 240 on stage – dry and hard. But we can’t do it in March. I just need that time in the gym.”

Dexter Jackson proved that you can diet down for more than one show a year and take home first place. Most of the top Mr. Olympia competitors trained a solid 12 months for that show. It’s kind of a split decision. Heath may be the deciding factor.