Phil Heath Preview Photos

Phil HeathPhil HeathPhil HeathPhil Heath

Here is a sneak peak of what fans and fellow pros can expect from Phil Heath at the Ironman Pro next month. See more at Will Phil win the IRONMAN? We’ll find out in less than five weeks.

Whoa!, courtesy of Isaac Hinds, has posted some incredible pictures of Phil Heath five weeks out from the Ironman Pro. Is it ‘game over’ for the rest of the competitors? Some say yes, some are raving over Phil and his incredible look, and when you see the pictures, it does look like the man is a cartoon character. But still, five weeks out looking awesome does not mean anything on the day of the competition. In the background watching and waiting is Toney Freeman, Silvio Samuel, and Gustavo Badell, just to name a few. They promise to make sure that Phil might not get his cake and eat it at the Ironman.

Then comes the Arnold, with Victor Martinez, Dexter Jackson, Melvin Anthony, Branch Warren, and Kai Greene. With Phil being the front-runner at the Ironman, can he even make the top 3 at the Arnold? It is going to be an exciting and most interesting Ironman and Arnold this year. The electricity is in the air.