Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle was not disqualified

Iris Kyle Discusses Ms International

Iris Kyle Discusses Ms International Results with Pro Bodybuilding Weekly and all erroneously reported that Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle was disqualified from the 2008 Ms. International female bodybuilding contest in Columbus last month. (Iris was NOT disqualified; she actually placed 7th place just out of the money.) Ruth Silverman from Iron Man Magazine fairly criticizes the internet rumor mill.

A text message from a friend wanted to know what was up with Iris being disqualified… It was reported on and by Shawn Perine at FlexOnline…

I couldn’t help marveling at the human capacity to believe something just because someone said it on the Internet – and to hear only certain key words.

We humbly apologize to our readers and particularly to Iris Kyle for the misinformation.

Iris Kyle appeared on Pro Bodybuilding Weekly last night to discuss the controversy surrounding her seventh place finish at the Ms. International contest. We hoped she would have insight on the reasons she was undeservingly dropped to seventh place.

I absolutely can not, at this point, really tell you what happened… I’m still quite puzzled. From the judges standpoint, I have received no feedback leaving me with… thousands of unanswered questions to this day. I made a couple of calls… but I couldn’t get through to who I would love to speak to.

It was quite disappointing that the judges were reluctant to offer specific feedback to Iris regarding their controversial decision. In absence of this feedback, Iris addressed the suggestions that “bumps” on her body were responsible for her placing.

I rather would have seen after the first round that one of the judges come up to me and say, look we have made a decision that based on reviewing your physique we think we need to pull you out of the show I could respect that and walk away with my head even higher and it’s still high… The IFBB should have stepped in and made their call and not allowed me to finish the show.

We agree with Iris. If the IFBB were trying to make an example out Iris for having bumps on her glutes, they should have either disqualified her or placed her last.
Later in the radio broadcast, Larry Pepe interviewed Sandy Ranalli, head IFBB judge at the Ms. International contest. She confirmed that the bumps were responsible for Iris Kyle’s placing referring to them as “distortions in her physique.”

Her shoulders were a little bit you know distorted. There were distortions in her glute area.. At this level of competition, [there is] not a big difference between athletes, those things come into play… It was the distortion and not trying to figure out what it was.

The big question is why the IFBB felt the need to knock Iris Kyle out of the money when, in our opinion, the slight bumps did NOT distract or take away from her Ms. Olympia caliber-physique. Furthermore, if the bumps were such a distracting or grotesque “distortion,” why did Iris still place ahead of so many other competitors. We are only left to speculate…

Iris refuses to allow this to get her down and she is ready to move past the controversy:

I’m a true champ, so it’s not going to get me down. I’m going to keep plugging away.

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