Less Than 2 Weeks Out, Cutler’s Olympia Competition Tightening

Jay Looking to Three-Peat While Wolf, Jax Eye Upset

By Joe Pietaro, MuscleSport Mag

The photos of the top contenders have been making the rounds on the Internet, some legitimate, others not. While this makes the anticipation for the Mr. Olympia contest even more frenzied, it also puts either confidence or doubt in the minds of the fans. What their favorite bodybuilder actually looks like may not be ascertained until September 27 at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas.

One of the names that has been repeated often as a wild card has been Dennis Wolf. The young German has even been called the ‘next Arnold.’ If that isn’t enough pressure to put on anyone, the photos of him three weeks out of the contest prove that he is headed in the right direction.

The biggest complaint heard in the ‘No Bull’ forum on Muscular Development’s website was that Wolf needed a tan! If that is the worst of it, then Wolf is doing exactly what he should be. He looks huge and shredded. A championship-worthy physique.

Perhaps training a full year for the Mr. O contest will be the winning formula for Wolf. Dexter Jackson, another one of the favorites, has had a full schedule of practically competing year round in 2008, previously winning the Arnold Classic, Grand Prix Australia and New Zealand Pro. That is a lot of frequent flyer miles, workout and diet modifications. Will it be a detriment to “The Blade?” Only time will tell. Depending on which one of the two finish higher, it may dictate either or both of their competitions in 2009.

Winning four shows in one calendar year may be too much to expect from anyone, even a great bodybuilder like Jackson. If he does not win this month, in retrospect he should have sat out the far trips and concentrated on going for the Sandow. While winning any bodybuilding contest is quite an accomplishment, every pro in the world has his eyes on becoming Mr. Olympia. It is the pinnacle of the sport. Wolf’s approach seems to be working well so far, while Jackson may have peaked much earlier in the year.

Jay Cutler cannot be concerned which competitor has guessed correctly. Being a two-time reigning Mr. Olympia, he has beaten the best in the world and proven it wasn’t a fluke by doing it again. The champ needs to be knocked out to lose his title, and the field is set with a number of contenders who can do so, especially Wolf and Jackson.