2008 Ironman Pro Flyer and Competitor List

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2008 IronMan

With the Ironman Pro 4 weeks away, it is looking to be one of the best Ironman men’s bodybuilding show ever. Phil Heath, Toney Freeman, Gustavo Badell, David Henry, Silvio Samuel, Johnnie Jackson, Troy Alves, Desmond Miller, King Kamali, Paco Bautista, Omar Deckard, Moe El Moussawi, Deshaun Grimez, Ray Arde, Will Harris and many others are going to showcase the first pro show of the year.

Competitor List:

Eddie Abbew
Khalid Almohsinawi
Troy Alves
Ray Arde
Gustavo Badell
Paco Bautista
Troy Brown
Jimmy Canyon
Rodney Davis
Omar Deckard
Alfonso del Rio
Moe El Moussawi
Toney Freeman
Will Harris
Phil Heath
David Henry
Deshaun Grimez
Johnnie Jackson
Rusty Jeffers
Ken Jones
King Kamali
Vincent Liu
Desmond Miller
JoJo Ntiforo
Sergey Ogorodnikov
Dragan Paunovic
Gian Enrico Pica
Silvio Samuel
Armin Scholz
John Sherman
Mehmet Yildirim