Work This ONE MUSCLE And Watch Your Gains SKYROCKET!

That’s right! I’m about to reveal to you a “SECRET” MUSCLE that when exercised, will actually trigger your entire body to grow like never before!In fact, chances are that although you use this muscle all the time, you’ve probably never fully realized just how important it is to developing the other muscles of your body.

As a result, it lay under-developed and ignored in each of your workouts, just waiting for the chance to flex and show you its true potential!

But before I let you in on this critical part of your anatomy, I must first swear you to secrecy! (Alas…all secrets have their price!)

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and if everyone knew the top secret location of one of the most devestating weapons in your arsenal for packing on muscle and burning ab-hiding flab, then I’m sure supplement sales would plummet, leaving me as the most hated fitness consultant in the biz.

So please…I’m a family man and don’t want to keep looking over my shoulder for a vengful Joe Weider, drool oozing from the side of his mouth and a 20 lb dummbell poised at my head!

OK, so now that you’re sworn to secrecy, here’s my secret anatomy lesson…

The most effective muscle you have for building muscle all over your body is…your brain!

Disappointed?! You won’t be…

OK, so maybe the brain isn’t really a muscle, but it almost qualifies. You see, you DO exercise your brain like a muscle…it DOES get weak with lack of use…and it DRASTICALLY AFFECTS how your body builds muscle and burns fat. And since THIS is the secret you were looking for anyway, here are 4 ways you can capitalize on its secret powers:

Power #1 Visualization builds muscle!

I remember an old interview with Lee Haney, 8-time Mr. Olympia winner, asking him what factor he attributed most to his success.

His answer? Visualization!

Now this is NOT just some “new age” concept we’re talking about here.

By “picturing”, in your mind, the muscle group you’re working, expanding more and more with each repetition, ready to pop out of your skin at any moment, you force your body to focus specifically on that muscle group, allowing you to beter target all of the muscle fibers for maximum stimulation.

Power #2 Your brain spurs you to action…or LACK of action!

Following your intitial excitement of beginning your “Look Like Arnold in 12 Days” bodybuilding program, you’re bound to lose some of your motivation for going to the gym.

This is why most people drop out of their gym memberships within only 6 months of beginning!

After a while, your brain is actually holding its own conversation in your head, trying to talk you out of exercising.

You may be familiar with these conversations. They go something like this…

“You’re too tired!”

“You have too much to do today!”

“You’re not gaining any more anyway!”

Consider this a debate…one YOU will win! By consciously “programming” your brain to respond with a statement that is geared toward success, you can reverse this negative thought process.

Here are some example responses from the statements above…

“But when I start exercising, I’ll feel more energized!”

“Nothing is more important than my health!”

“My workout today will make the difference!”

Power #3 Ego Slayer!

Your ego is constantly trying to tell you to “look” better…heck, that’s one of the main reasons we took up bodybuilding in the first place, isn’t it?

The question is WHERE do you want to look better? IN the gym…or OUT of the gym?

Here’s what I mean…

If you want to look better IN the gym, then disregard proper exercise form and continue to load up the bar with as much weight as you can flop around. Since most guys in your local sweatbox don’t know what they’re doing anyway, you’ll probably impress them as they mentally add up the weight on the plates you’re lifting.

The problem is that OUT of the gym, you won’t be all that impressive since you won’t be growing from your ineffective workout program!

Let your brain tell your ego to “shut up” and drop some of the weight on the bar. The extra inch or so you’ll be able to add to each repetition’s range of motion will make a HUGE difference in the amount of muscle you pack on!

Power #4 Virtual Training Partner!

One of the greatest benefits of having a training partner is having someone screaming and spitting in your face to…

“C’mon…PUSH IT!”

In essence, this allows you to focus only on that set, pushing it to its outer limits and stimulate more muscle growth.

Even if you don’t have a training partner, your brain can still help set you up for a powerfully motivated lift.

Train your brain to claim each and every set its own entire world!

“NOTHING exists but THIS SET!”

Clear your mind of any distractions – work, family, friends – and seize this opportunity to concentrate ONLY on your form and effort.

You’ll NEED this level of focus for those tough final reps where the real growth is!

Ok, so hopefully now you realized that all things spring from thought.

If you don’t exercise your brain, it will get weak…and if your brain gets weak, your body will follow.

Follow these tips and I promise you’ll be rewarded many times over by the “other” muscles in your body!


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