IronMagLabs Maximum Pump™ – Next Generation of NO2 and Creatine

At Last! A Product That Works Like The Original NO2 But Doesn’t Work On Your Wallet!If You Respond To Creatine And NO Type Products, This One Will Add 10 lbs To Your CurlsI’d like to start this out with a Dear Friend or Valued Customer but neither of those would fit. And it would come off like a sales pitch which would be unfair to Robert DiMaggio of IronMagLabs. But how can you tell somebody about a product, review it and look honest?

No ideas myself. So here’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to break this review into sections:

1. What I noticed
2. Will it work for everybody
3. What is my recommendation

You read a lot of reviews and probably get everybody telling you about how their product is the best. And I get a lot of people asking me to review their products. So either way, you and I see a lot of product reviews.

But there’s something that I have to do (or at least should do) that maybe you don’t. That is, I run this site and I’m not going to jeopardize my credibility for a few bucks.

What Did I Notice?

From Day 1, I didn’t notice any muscle pumps. I took the required dosage and I took it faithfully. At first I was looking for the maximum pump. And then over time, things started to change. Let me explain.

My first assumption was that I wanted and need the pumps. But really, that is a nice feature but nothing that is necessary to build muscle or get stronger. More important then that…

It wasn’t the biggest benefit of Maximum Pump.

The truth is,… I got Maximum Strength. I’m a creatine responder and somewhere in the range of 30% of people aren’t. But for me and the other 70% of us, this product should be renamed. Some of the things I noticed almost immediately:

-Faster Recovery-Increase in Strength-More Energy

Why am I doing this?

Because there’s something I have to tell you. And it involves dumbbells.

After my 3rd week on this product something amazing happened. No not a pump. But the biggest boost in strength I’ve ever had. I would compare it to pro-hormones if I had ever taken any to compare.

But I’m jumping ahead…

I normally do reps with the dumbbells for curls somewhere between 45 lbs and 55 lbs. I know some of you are laughing as that is only half of what you do. And some of you would like to curl a mid-range weight. But on this particular week and the rest of the following until I was out of the product…

My normal dumbbell curls were at 65 lbs!
That is 10 lbs more then I do. And I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary other then taking Maximum Pump (which I still think should be renamed).

Will This Work for Everyone?

For those who respond to creatine… yes! And if you did not respond to creatine monohydrate in the past chances are you will respond to the superior TriCreatine Malate in Maximum Pump!

For those looking for a pump… maybe. I can’t honestly say. Then again not every supplement works for everybody. Does that mean it doesn’t work? No. Which is why I would at least recommend you try this one out.

What’s all this worth to you?

Why Recommend Maximum Pump?

After trying many creatine products and NO2 style supplements, I’ve found many that don’t do anything and others that give me a pump but no strength. What I am after is the gains. The muscle gains and the strength gains. And after taking this product for a solid month, I was pleasantly surprised.

Now I’ve not yet suggested that IronMagLabs change their product name for me. I doubt they would. But if I was in charge, I would change this product to Maximum Strength.

I do recommend that if you are looking for an advanced creatine product with the potential for some strong muscle pumps and faster recovery, this is definitely worth a 1 month trial.

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Real Customer Testimonials:

I am a non-responder to creatine products.While this stuff hasn’t mad me a monster, I have noticed a slight increase in strength and a hugeincrease in vascularity.
This is pretty impressive for a traditional “non-responder”. I like the stuff and I think that ifyou respond at all to supplements, you will too.

– Michael Van Kirk, AZ

As a skeptic, I didnt really figure anything would happen on a two day sample of this stuff. But,quite the contrary. I was very impressed with my workouts, both days that I supplemented with this product.I noticed a VERY drastic pump, after a short amount of time, given the circumstances, I did not have ameasuring tape, and could not take measurements, though my forearms were visually much larger, and I hadincreased vascularity for a day after. As a product containing TriCreatine Malate, which requires no dextrose,this would be an excellent product, either cutting or bulking, and I am going to be purchasing several bottles,when I go on a cut, coming soon, you’ll be able to keep track of my progress on Inany case, I highly recommend this product, if only for the benefits provided by the creatine.
– FishOrCutBait, CA

I have been using Maximum Pump for about a month now. I have had longer and more intense workouts withmore strength and energy. I also noticed an increase in the pump that I get from training.
– Greg Schaller, CO

I definitely liked this product and will buy it again. The pump was very noticeable and almost immediate.I am in calorie deficit, so this product’s impact on my strength is hard to really quantify but I do believeit helped make my workouts more intense. I love the pump!
– Francis Horton, SC

I’ve been through 2 bottles of this and have another 6 bottles on the way, that’s how much I like it. I don’t get intense pumps like some say, but then I’ve never experienced that. I feel extremely tight during my workout and more concious of the muscle group I’m working. Also my strength and endurance is at an all time high while taking Maximum Pump. I’ve been in a rut for a few months and changing my routine and all didn’t help much. After about a week of Maximum Pump my focus and intensity came back and I’ve climbed outta my rut. This is now a must have in my supplement budget.
– David Hawkins, VA

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