Are You Not Happy With Your Body?

Well, just change your mind!

If you want to gain mass, start with this simple 3-step exercise.

1. Take off your shirt.
2. Walk up to the mirror.
3. Take a good, hard look at yourself.

What do you see? A skinny guy with a vacant stare? Now close your eyes, and try to see what you want to see: A ripped guy bursting with overpowering confidence and energy! Between the skinny guy and the ripped guy, there’s a small physical divide. But a large mental chasm.

Those who fail to cross, do so because the mind gives in too soon. And that’s because your mind is totally unaware of the vast potential of your body!

Now you know why my program strives to build awareness before training you to build mass. As your personal trainer, I want to make you aware of the strengths and limitations of your body and your approach to muscle gain. When you know your body, you can no longer fall victim to Body Image blues, which can keep you from acting positively towards your goal, or make you quit in frustration before the results start showing.

If you fit this description, my proven program will work like a dream – if you’re willing to give it what it takes.

Remember that while building a stronger, more healty body is a physical journey, it must begin with the mind. And that includes more than the psychological preparation for starting the program and sticking with it. It’s about understanding your body, your lifestyle and how to apply that knowledge to achieve the best results. And there lies the difference between my program and some of the others you’ll find on the Internet.

This program is not just about driving to the gym for an hour of exercise or replacing cola with juice. It’s a complete lifestyle change involving the right diet, exercise regimen, sufficient rest and a positive outlook.

This program is as much about things you do; as about things you don’t do. Giving up junk food for a sensible, nutritious diet and missing that late night movie to get enough rest is all part of the package. You can’t force your body into building mass. If you aren’t following the right diet or training, your body is spending most of its resources on healing the damage- with not enough left over for building mass.

My program works by taking the guesswork out of building mass.

My muscle gain program is specifically tailored to the needs of the skinny guy who must work around his body’s high metabolism to gain weight.

It’s a simple yet effective blueprint for building the body of your dreams. I’ve come across many guys who find it too easy to believe or follow. I have only one thing to say to them-

If you are sick and the doctor prescribes two tablets a day, would you take four, or mix and match from your own medicine cabinet to get better results? You know exactly what to expect if you mess with your body. Gaining Mass is no different.

As your personal trainer I’ll walk you through the basics of diet and weight training, the truth about health supplements and exercise machines, simple measurement techniques and a complete Mass Gaining regimen. You will embark on a total ‘anabolic’ process – resulting in muscle build up and a powerful sense of well-being.

Here are some current results:

‘Thank you, thank you and thank you. I have just completed my first month and am amazed at the results of your great program. I have gained 20lbs. (185-205) although my bodyfat has only raised two points.’
Kevin W., Hawaii

‘Writing to let you know that I have gained 12 pounds in four weeks. When I started I was 140 pounds (5% bodyfat) at 6′ 2′. Now I’m up to 152 (8%). My goal is 170, and I’m very confident that I’ll reach it by the end of the summer. I love it! Its been said before, but I’ll say it again — You are the man!’
Geoff R., Maryland

This is a very small sample of the hundreds of UNSOLICITED testimonials that I receive regularly. Click here, if you would like to read more testimonials.

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I want you to order your package today, read it and give it an honest try. If you don’t get any results simply return it for an immediate refund. You have nothing to lose, and possibly a new you to gain!

For only $79.95 you will receive:

  • Gaining Mass! Manual (240 pages)
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  • Program Tracker Software
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    I hope to hear from you soon,

    Anthony Ellis

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