A True Champion of Life

“A true champion of life is variety of many things. A true champion is not someone who wins the most or looks the best, a true champion is defined by how he/she treats his/her life and the life around them”
   Dedication is something that must be attained and mastered at a superior level. A true champion must apply there dedication through a variety of elements, and push through there own plateau of dedication. My Whole life is a quest to be dedicated to improving my own dedication everyday to my current amount of dedication. When true dedication is reached nothing can stop you, nothing can even touch you physically or mentally. Dedication is all about sacrifices. Every sacrifice I make just makes it that much more important in my life. I’ve given up a lot of my friends, a social life, and anything else that would describe another 17 year-old; however, each time I say no to an invitation to go to a party I find another level of my love to becoming a true champion.

  Sacrifice is measured in many aspects. In order to break a plateau, you must sacrifice, in order to become something, you must sacrifice, in order to love, you must sacrifice.

There is line that crosses through 2 different kinds of people. These two different kinds of people are the dedicated, and the rest of the world. In order to make your self a dedicated person you must apply your whole train of thought to your objective. For some people becoming dedicated can be very hard and non rewarding, but for some people it can be as simple as a sound or a sight. Anything can change a persons dedication, But when true dedication is reached, like I said nothing can stop them, they even use the negative energy as a positive. In many cases of my life I have had disappointments, but I always figure a way out and use it to my advantage. Everything happens for a reason, so I have accepted that, so when something bad happens I automatically think of an alternative and a way to make something good out of it, or make the best out of it. Dedication has no levels, being dedicated does not mean taking a vitamin every day, Dedication is something that is powered by love and only love. Love is something I will explain later.

  Dedication can begin early in life or later in life, but It must always begin with a restarted state of mind. With a restarted state of mind you can accept anything and challenge the unchallengable. To began your quest to become dedicated first you must apply goals.

Then when your goals are realized you must adapt to the sacrifices and intensity these goals require. Goals are not something that you do in your spare time to occupy your self, your goals are your life. Everything else must fall down the chain of importance and your goals must be implanted in your integrity to maximize your potential. You must think of it as your life is a obstacle to reaching your goals. When your at work/school you must block out everything and preserve your mental energy to tackle your goals after work/school. Think of it as if your in love and you want to show that person your love, but something is stopping you from showing that person your love. You must tackle and solve the obstacle standing between you and your love. Same as with goals, if there is a goal you want to obtain, but something is stopping you like school/work, you must tackle and solve the obstacle to obtain your goals. Love is what will drive you to reaching your goals. How I said before, when true dedication is reached nothing can stop you. You will be able to solve and tackle anything, cause nothing is stronger then love, and dedication is PURE love.

  Sacrifice is the true key to becoming a true champion of life. With out sacrifice there is no advancement. Sacrifice is a formless entity, with a wide range of yield. To become dedicated one must sacrifice everything to reach there desired dedicated goal.   Each sacrifice I make creates a boost in my dedication to become more dedicated. Its like everytime I make a sacrifice, I steal the sacrifices energy and use the energy to my advantage. A sacrifice can be optained by giving something up you once loved for the progression of something you currently love. Sacrifice is what makes us progress to next level.

Self Image
  Self image is a phycological projection we create for our selves. It is what we want other people to see us as. It also can make some progresses in our quest to becoming a true champion.

  For example, When I walk into a building, I walk like I own the building. I act like I own everything, and IM the boss of everyone. People see the confidence in me, and respect that. But its not a smoke screen, its just a means to creating confidence in your self, and soon you will get use to it, and never realize your doing it.

  Self image can also be as small as getting a new hair cut, or buying a new pair of shoes. When you see your self with a new hair cut you feel you look different and you look better, creating a confidence boost. When you get a confidence boost you can go after anything and create new ideas, or solve problems. The major decisions in my life have been on the same day I got a new pair of shoes, or a new hair cut, ETC. When you get a confidence boost like that, you tend to want to challenge, and when you challenge you create dedication in your self.

  Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. When something fails and you try to figure something else out right away, that is strength. When something bad happens and you accept it and not only move on but jump to the next level, that is strength.

  When your dedicated you have amazing strength, like I said before, when dedicated nothing can stop you, not even the worst news in the world, because you will accept the news, and use the negative energy from the bad news to your advantage. In my life the biggest progressions in my dedication has came from losses or something bad that happened. When something good happens, you accept it an keep going. When something bad happens you create inner strength and smash through your own plateau and make your self push through the limits of your self, creating a new level of dedication.

  Love will take you to levels you thought could never be reached. The most important aspect of becoming a true champion of life, and becoming truly dedicated is love.

  Dedication is powered by love any only love. When you love something nothing can stop you. To be truly dedicated to something/someone you must love that someone/something. If you do not, you will not be dedicated enough to fulfill that goal. The only way to be the best at something is you must truly love that something. For everyone, there is someone they truly love, and that love with never go away. They will even dedicate there lives to bettering the life of there love. And that in opinion that is what dedication is all about, That is a true sacrifice. It is the same as a goal, there is a goal in life for everyone, and when that goal is found, you will realize a new inner strength. This inner strength is what I have been talking about. This inner strength is a force only in certain people. Some people have it, some people create it. This inner strength is what is need to become a true champion of life.